Victoria Brucks

…After having been a Realtor myself for many years, I never thought I could let anyone else sell my property. But when we saw how you handled our neighbor’s sale, and the amount of interest you generated through your professional advertising, I felt I could really trust you to sell our home. Your recommendations, not only in what you advised us to do, but also in actually doing it for us, made the difference in the final sales price. Since we had already moved to Napa, you communicated daily with us on every detail, so I always felt we were in control of what was going on in our home. But most of all, through your patience and diligence, I learned so much from you in what it takes to be a really good agent with clients. You were certainly that for us. Of course, the number of offers and the final sales price was a total shock of delight. We thank you so much for helping us.
Victoria Brucks, Oakland

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