Nancy Eichler

Everyone has said that moving can be very stressful and more so when it involves selling your own home. That was evident when I decided to sell my home in Oakland and began to realize what would be involved getting my house ready for sale. I interviewed several agents.On the advice of my very close friends, they recommended I speak with you since you helped them sell their property in Berkeley. My anxiety about the selling process was greatly diminished after we met and you agreed to represent me. From the beginning of our partnership I understood I was in the hands of someone very capable, professional and trustworthy. I have never wavered from that understanding. The sale of my home went flawlessly, as you predicted it would. I marvel still at your very smart strategy to organize everything to show my house to its most advantageous. The sale was quick, smooth and the results of 23 offers were way beyond my expectations. And I remember being very relaxed during the selling process.
I also want to thank you for helping me find another home to purchase when there was little inventory on the market. I want to thank you for taking me around to various homes and for your patience with my often “it’s not for me” refrain. I was fortunate to have you take the time to look for a home you knew I would love, in the right place, with all the important items on my list, and in a perfect neighborhood for me. I still can’t believe how you helped me get the place I wanted in the middle of the multiple offer situation I now found myself in as a buyer.
This has been a fortunate experience for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone thinking of either selling or buying a home to work with you. Your kindness and patience helped me find my perfect home. For this I will always be grateful. My many, many thanks.
Nancy Eichler
Albany, CA

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